Messages from lovers of Karen Han's erhu music

"Your talent and your beauty BOTH radiated from the stage! It was a lovely evening of music that showcased not only the exquisite talent of your friends, but also your unique gift for being able to play so many different styles of music on a stunning instrument." - Steven Hamblin - Singer

"Your playing was spectacular! " - Ruth Charloff - Conductor and Music Director of UCR Orchestra

"... what an amazing experience to see and hear you perform, and in the company of such wonderful musicians and collaborators! ... I am so impressed by what you are doing both with your own music as well as in the larger sense, with the concept of increasing the awareness of Asian musical culture through concerts like this and other opportunities." - Randall Larson, Music News & Soundtrax Columnist,

"Wonderful concert! The mix of music was excellent and made for a beautiful evening! I've heard nothing but kudos from everyone that attended the concert." - Dennis I. Watanabe

"It was an incredible musical experience for us all. We were fascinated by Karen Han "becoming music..."!.The sounds she creates are unforgettable, she is a magician! " - Katherine Weisberg

"I need to congratulate you once more, for a full house successful performance. It was a very nice and well done concert, everyone think you wait too long for this solo concert in Los Angeles area - A ten years recollection! " - Shirley Hsueh

"It was truly some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It is such a unique combination of East/West. Karen performed solo pieces, but was also accompanied by piano, strings, and a jazz band. She truly is a virtuoso. It's as though she becomes one with her instrument. She and her music are as beautiful to the ear as they are to the eye." - Elizabeth Eastman - Friends of Charles Barnett and Gnuf-Gnuf

" ... the way you perform takes me to a place rock and roll cannot. You are a beautiful person and a gifted artist." - Dave Allen, Leader of the Kapakahi softball team

"You are an amazing virtuoso, and I really appreciate how you have integrated so many different musical genres into your current repertoire." - James Simcik, Supervising ADR Editor for Films

"... your performing was incredible, it's so touch!" - Anne Shih, Director of Bowers Museum

"I was not sure what to expect since it was my first time to attend your concert but I surely enjoyed it very much. It was wonderful to hear the fusion of different musical instruments. You are a great and unique artist. Keep it up!" - Mabella F. Bautista

"Karen is incredible, her game is so powerful. How can a so tiny lady with a 2 string instrument produce a so beautiful and powerful music. When she starts playing, especially when she perform by herself or with only her piano she does not play, she becomes the music. I was amazed." - Elisabeth Lenain

"You looked so lovely ... And your music sound so beautiful.... My daughter said she'll always cherish your music and the wonderful experience in her heart." - Elli Lim

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"I really enjoyed the show last Saturday. It was a nice program and flowed well with your erhu performance. It was worth driving the 80 miles." - Tuan Phan

"... I had a wonderful time--so much talent on that stage." - Leida Erickson, Deputy of Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

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The background music "Horse Racing" is recorded in Karen Han's newly released album - The Golden Butterfly. Click here for ordering information.


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Music of The Orient
Karen Han and Friends

featuring Missa Johnouchi, Hideyo Takakuwa, Hideo Funamoto, Hiroshima Jazz Band & Katherine Chiu

An experience of the latest new generation of music
includng Asian, Jazz and Pop Classical in one concert

presented by
Asia A+ Artists Management

Saturday, November 5, 2005, 7:45pm
The Harriet & Charles Luckman Arts Complex
at Cal State Los Angeles

As the 52-foot wide stage curtain was slowly unveiled, over 1,000 music lovers were brought into Karen Han's world of music through her erhu presentation of Candle Flame Flickering Over Red Shadow then continued to be fascinated by her playing of Birds Singing In The Mountain at her debut solo performance in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 5, at the beautiful state-of-art Harriet & Charles Luckman Arts Complex.

By 7:00pm, the lobby was completely filled with guests ...


Karen Han


... anxiously waiting to enter Karen's world of music at the Luckman Theatre.

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Missa continued to practice the music pieces that she already knew very well while everybodyelse was on break.

A photo of Japanese flute player Hideyo Takakuwa (right) with Karen Han

A scene of the afternoon rehearsal

Following the sold out concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York City in March 2005, the renowned Japanese painist and composer, Missa Johnouchi and her "Asian Wind" group of musicians made their first appearance in Los Angeles with Karen Han at this special occasion. Together they turned musical pieces Marco Polo, Shangri-La and Asian Wind into magic before the eyes and ears of the full house of audience.

"My Dearest Karen, I was so happy and honoured to be on the same stage as you, listening to your beatiful tone. Your beatiful tone has grabbed all the audiences' heart. I really appreciate to be on the same stage with you."

- Missa Johnouchi


Missa Jonouchi with the USC String Quartet

For nearly 30 years, the members of the Hiroshima Jazz Band have been creating their own distinctive "East meets West" style of music -- a blend of soulful rhythm and blues, jazz and traditional Asian music.

Along with Karen, they truly presented the unique style of music through the playings of When Winter Cries (by June Kuramoto/Kimo Cornwell), Two Sisters, Dreams, Kotosu-Ahn (by Dan Kuramoto) as well as the special piece custom made for Karen by Dan Kuramoto, Nu Song 4 Karen.


"Hello Karen, Just wanted to thank you for letting us be part of your fabulous concert!! We are still talking about what an amazing artist you are. I am blessed to have your friendship and to get to work together--you are VERY special!!"
- Dan Kuramoto


"You are truly a very talented, gifted, and amazing musician/performer!!!!"
A message for Karen from Kimo Cornwell,
Composer and Keyboard player of the Hiroshima Jazz Band


June Kuramoto and her Koto

"What a fantastic, fabulous performance-- what a fantastic, fabulous concert! YOU were.... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You're the bestest." - A message from June Kuramoto to Karen Han

Danny Yamamoto, Drums

Dean Cortez

Karen Han's presentation of Red Plum Blossom Carpiccio was accompanied by pianist, Katherine Chiu.

Katherine Chiu has been immersed in the musical arts since age three, when she began her musical studies. Since then, her musical pursuits have led her to performance venues across the U.S. and abroad, where she has been featured as a soloist with orchestras and as a recitalist.

Katherine Chiu, Pianist, Organist, Composer and Conductor

The secret behind Karen's beautiful music is

to practice,


and again.

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Photos taken at Karen Han's private dressing room

Hair and makeup by Nicole from Taiwan.

Thank You for making everything possible!

Karen Han

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Karen's deepest appreication of all the beautiful flower arrangements and, most importantly, your love and support of her erhu music.


Hiroshima Jazz  Band






The Young Family




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And very special thanks to all the volunteers and back stage helpers

Wendy Wanatabe
Wendy Wanatabe - the backstage housekeeper


Noriko from Japan
"It was truly a happiest trip I ever had. With... your lovely touching concert that made people feel like they're in heaven."
Noriko from Japan - the interpreter

Hiroshi Mochizuki
Hiroshi Mochizuki - the photographer
(Click here to view additional photo shoots)


Ming Schrader
"Karen, .... I feel so honor that I was invited to attend the show and also get to see all the backstage preparation work. You were so awesome ..."
Ming Schrader from Texas - the backstage runner

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Most sincere appreciation from Karen Han and her friends to the following sponsors for their contributions and generous support.

Concert Title Sponsor:


Concert Sponsors:

(names are not listed in order)

EastWest Bank Hong Kong Assn of Southern Calif Charlie Barnett and Gnuf Gnuf Charlie Chan Printing
Panda Express Oriental Furniture/Allen Tsai Hocean Trading Inc. KAZN AM 1300/1600
RMR Investments, Inc. Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Quality World International, Inc. L.A. 18 - TV Channel
Chinese L.A. Daily News LA County Asian American Employee Assn Dr. Frits Hong EDI Media Inc./City Magazine
Zhong Guo Daily News Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger office Los Angeles Times Calendar Live The Westin Bonaventure Hotel
DDH Enterprises, Inc. LA County Supervisor - Michael D. Antonovich and his Staff Arthur Liu Pasadena Star News
Hanyi Production City of Gardena Mayor - Paul K. Tanaka and his Staff Helen & Wesley Woo KMozart-105.1 FM
Artfield & Craftsmen, Inc., Cai, ZiXian - former Deputy Consul General of Los Angeles of PRC Steve Harris Preferral Bank
TAW Investment Inc. Paul Ottosson and all of his support friends Mei Mei Zhou
Amber Jia Richard Koo Marilynn Ma Paul and Pearl Chang
Angela Fu Wendy and Dennis Watanabe Henry Yee Debbie Peng
April Kuan Shirley Hsueh Alexander Kim Lisa Yang
Betty Young Ronald Hsueh Victor Zheng Li Yu
Catherine Lin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yu John Jiang Victor Wu
Dominic Ng Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cheng James Su Sandy Ho
Emily Wang Jimmy Tsai Alex & Lorena Chan Jesse Fong
Wen Jiang Zeng Juliette Zhuo Dr. Chingmuh Lee Tony Wong
Huang, Yuan Ping Ming-Li (1300AM) Kevin Youk Friends of Karen Han's parents
Michael Zhao Gao Ning Doris and Denny Chang
Marina and David Wong Joan Soto Walter and Jennifer Chang

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