Karen Han is an internationally renowned Erhu virtuoso who has performed with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, The Los Angeles Philharmonic and other prestigious orchestras worldwide. Karen Han's playing may be heard on the soundtracks for the Joy Luck Club, Passion of the Christ, Mulan II, Anna and the King, The Last Emperor and Memoirs of a Geisha. The ancient two-stringed instrument, Erhu, is soulful, expressive of feelings and very close to a woman voice. With Erhu, Karen Han transforms music into love, peace and beauty in life. Learn more about Karen Han

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Karen Han
, Erhu
& her love of music

To all my dear friends,

      Welcome to my home page and to my world of music!

      To me, playing ErHu is the best way to express myself, my feelings, my love, my compassion, and my admiration for this world. It is also my desire and my responsibility to get closer the two great cultural traditions: that of the ancient East and of modern West. It seems, ErHu, with its voice-like sound and flexibility, is the most appropriate tool to approach this latter goal.

      That's why I try hard to extend my repertory: not only traditional Chinese music, but also Western classics (ErHu is close in its tonality to viola), Jazz, and other musical genres and styles.

      Through my public performances, as well as through my ErHu classes, I do my best to increase the popularity of my instrument, with an ultimate purpose to make it as widely accepted, as are European strings.

      I may be partial, and not ashamed of it, but, frankly, I believe that ErHu in some important ways surpasses many other instruments in its ability to express the deepest human feelings, and would be happy if you, my viewers and listeners, join me in my life-long musical journey.

Peace and love,

Karen Han

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Past Concerts:

Kodak Theater - Chinese Idol Concert 2008

Behind the glamorous scenes, it's lots of hardwork and practices. Most importantly, love and supports of her friends and family ...

Karen's music goes well with the East, the West and the Pasadena Pops Orchestra, Descanso Garden, July 2003. (Conducted by: Rachael Wenby)

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